AUC Community in Solidarity with Dr Emad Shahin

AUC Community in Solidarity with Dr Emad Shahin

We, the undersigned students, graduates, faculty and friends of the American University in Cairo, affirm our strong solidarity with Dr. Emad Shahin, a long-time professor and beloved member of the AUC community.

We are dismayed to learn that our respected professor, Dr. Shahin, has been charged with a number of crimes, including espionage, leading an illegal organization, harming national unity and social harmony, and causing to change the government by force. We categorically condemn these fabricated and malicious charges leveled against him.

Dr. Shahin is an inspiring teacher and mentor with a professional record that backs his acclaim. He has taught at a number of institutions, both in Egypt and internationally, including Harvard, Notre Dame, Georgetown, and Boston Universities. Although Dr. Shahin has held prestigious positions at renowned institutions around the world, he has always been drawn back to his alma mater, the American University in Cairo. As a former AUCian, Dr. Shahin deserves the support of our student body as well as of the institution he has served so passionately for years. In addition to teaching and supervising a number of graduate student theses, Dr. Shahin is also an active supporter of student activities and committees at AUC. He is loved and respected by students and colleagues alike for his professionalism, integrity, and acceptance of diversity; values he also keenly ingrained in his students. Dr. Shahin has consistently gone out of his way to encourage students’ growth and facilitate open classroom dialogue. It was only natural when, in 2002, he received AUC’s esteemed ‘Excellence in Teaching Award’ in recognition of his extraordinary efforts.

In an extremely polarized political climate that is increasingly defined by hatred and divisions, Dr. Shahin is distinguished by his unabated love for Egypt. It is impossible to align Dr. Shahin with any particular political group or party, as he staunchly maintains his academic independence and refuses to exploit it for political ends. His nuanced reflections constantly evolve with events on the ground, however, he is predictable in one regard: His deep sadness for the loss of any Egyptian life, no matter which side. Dr. Shahin supports democracy, human rights, freedom of expression, and social justice. These are fundamental tenants of the January 25th, 2011 revolution. It is abhorrent that on the eve of the revolution’s third anniversary an Egyptian citizen, our distinguished professor, who has constantly called for these basic rights, is charged with such baseless and politically-motivated crimes.

Dr. Shahin advocates for a free and democratic Egypt. He, like all Egyptians, has a right to his opinions and beliefs. The Egyptian government responded to Dr. Shahin’s beliefs by charging him with crimes he did not commit. In order to perpetuate an authoritarian regime, ideas like the ones Dr. Shahin espouses must be silenced for they challenge this entrenched system. These beliefs and ideals need to be cherished in order for Egypt to successfully transition into the democracy that her people wish to see.

We demand that the State Security Prosecutor drop all libelous charges against Dr. Shahin. Furthermore, we call on the AUC administration to make every possible effort to ensure that Dr. Shahin can resume teaching and performing his academic duties uninterrupted. We believe anything less would be a blight on this institution’s long-standing reputation for integrity and free scholarship.



Pandeli Glavanis Professor, Chair of AUC Senate


Public Policy Department

Laila El Baradei, Acting Dean of School of Global Affairs and Public Policy
Hamid Ali, Associate Prof and Chair of Public Policy Department
Amr Hamzawy, Associate Prof
Moataz Abdel Fattah, Prof
Khaled Abdelhalim, Assistant Prof
Shahjahan Bhuiyan, Associate Prof
Aisha Ihab Saad, Assistant Prof
Nile El Wardani, Adjunct

Middle East Studies Center
Sherene Seikaly, Director of Middle East Studies Center

Law Department
Hani Sayed, Assistant Prof
Nesrine Badawi, Assistant Prof

Journalism and Mass Communication Department
Dr. Rasha Abdulla, Associate Prof and Former Chair of Journalism and Mass Communication
Sara El-Khalili, Adjunct Faculty
Marwa R. Al-Mut’afy, Adjunct Faculty
Carol Ann Clouston, Adjunct Faculty


History Department
Khaled Fahmy, Chair of History Department

Political Science Department
Mustapha Kamel Al-Sayyid, Prof
Dan Tschirgi, Prof
Rabab El-Mahdi, Associate Prof
Sharif Elmusa, Associate Prof
Ahmed Abd Rabou, Assistant Prof
Nadine Sika, Assistant Prof
Ashraf Nabih El Sherif, Adjunct
Heba Raouf Ezzat, Faculty adjunct

English and Comparative Literature Department
Ferial Ghazoul, Prof and Chair
Amy Motlagh, Associate Prof
Mounira Soliman, Associate Prof
Ebony Coletu, Assistant Prof
Tahia Abdel Nasser, Assistant Prof
Ira Dworkin, Assistant Prof
Justin Kolb, Assistant Prof

Writing and Composition Department
Brooke Comer, Writing instructor
Andrea Young, Writing instructor
ART Schneider, English Language Instructor / Scientific Thinking Professor
Alissa Nostas, ELI Instructor

Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology and Egyptology Department
Hanna Sabea, Associate Prof and Chair
Soraya Altorki, Prof
Nicholas Hopkins, Emeritus Prof
Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Emeritus Prof
Reem Saad, Associate Prof
Helen Rizzo, Associate Prof
Nazek Nosseir, Associate Prof
Heba Kotb, Affiliate Prof
Mariham Iskander, Adjunct
Alexandra Gazis, Adjunct

Arab and Islamic Civilization Department
Mohamed Serag, Prof
Samia Mehrez, Prof
Dina Heshmat, Assistant Prof
Hoda El Saadi, Faculty Adjunct

Arabic Language Instruction
Dalal Abo EL Seoud, Chair
Nabila Al-Asyouti, Senior Arabic Language Instructor
Maha Mahmoud Saleh, Adjunct

Applied Linguists
Atta Gebril, Assistant Prof

Michel Hebert, Prof Emeritus AUC
Hania Sholkamy, Associate Professor, Social Research Center
Gihan Osman, Assistant Prof, Center for Learning and Teaching

School of Science and Engineering

Mathematics & Actuarial Science Department
Ali S. Hadi, Distinguished University Professor and Department Chair

Electronics Engineering Department
Ayman Elezabi, Chair


Nabawia Khalil Assistant Director – UTI
Mowafak M. Moustafa, Finance & Administration Senior Manager
Jayme Spencer, Senior Librarian
Iman Hamdy, Editor, Cairo Papers
Louise st-laurent, Faculty service coordinator

For a full list of signatories from faculty, Staff, students and alumni

Dr Emad Shahin’s statement on the issue

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