In Solidarity with Professor Emad Shahin
  • John Esposito, Georgetown University

    “Having known Emad for many years. I have watched him grow as an academic, first at AUC where he was known as a star professor who spent hours with his students, and a budding scholar/expert on Egypt and North Africa. He then, as he points out, had a very successful career in the US with a final appt as Luce Prof at Notre Dame but gave it up to return to Egypt and contribute to its future. A prominent and independent scholar and founding member of the Network of Democrats in the Arab World (NDAW), who gave up a prestigious position in the US to return to AUC to contribute to the future of Egypt, becomes another victim of a military-backed/run “democracy”.

  • Christian Davenport, University of Michigan

    Former colleague and friend accused of numerous charges in Egypt. Prepare for a series of emails, updates and comments. If I have to start a “Free Emad Shahin” campaign, I will.

  • Robert LaGamma, Council for a Community of Democracies

    “Dr. Shahin is known to us as a person of greatest integrity and a supporter of democracy for his country and the Arab world in general. The ISC/CD condemns the persecution of one of Egypt’s greatest scholars and hopes that these charges will be dropped. It calls on Egyptian civil society also to condemn the charges against Dr. Shahin.”

  • Nathan J. Brown, George Washington University

    “I would sooner believe that Vice President Biden is a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army than I would give credence to the charges against Emad.”

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